The ASBP, or the Cohorts programme, sees the semen from genetically prominent, usually younger sires, put into commercial cows, from a large number of properties around Australia. The progeny from these young sires ( average intake is around 40 p.a.) are then compared against each other without any management influence from the breeder. The traits that measure the Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) are recorded by the commercial co-operator herds, resulting in information about the progeny of each sire, which is a true reflection of the value of each of the sires in the programme. Brooklana has 6 bulls over 4 years, which equals the highest number of bulls for any stud over the past 4 years included in the ASPB programme.

Having a major influence at Brooklana over the past 8 years have been:

Te Mania Berkley B1

Sire of two of the elite Angus sires in recent times – Te Mania Emperor E343 and Pathfinder Genesis G357. Berkley represents strongly through our cow herd.

Te Mania Emperor E343

Sire of the outstanding ASBP Cohort 6 member Brooklana TM Emperor J64, and also sire of Brooklana Hi Tower H64 another Cohort 6 member. Emperor is one of the most popular sires amongst registered Angus breeders.

Brooklana Dream H29

Another Cohort 6 ASBP member, sired by BT Right Time 24J out of a Vermont Dream Y301 descendant. BT Right Time 24J is considered to be the ultimate cow maker by a percentage of leading Angus breeders. With an EBV for EMA in the top 5% and the highest EBV for NFI-P of all Cohort 6 members, H29 is making a valuable contribution to Brooklana.

Brooklana Emperor L29

This sire is a reflection of where we are headed. Phenotypically he is incredibly eye-catching. His EBVs sit at the top end and is the result of a pedigree joining of Te Mania Emperor and the Dream genetics, bolstered by the inclusion of BT Right Time 24J. Already L29 is producing outstanding progeny.